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Homophobic Reflections

Homophobic Reflections is an installation focusing on the discussion of the homophobic society, illustrating how image projections work as a medium of support or opposition in influencing minorities and the majority. Criticizing the misjudgment caused in Rorschach test due to personal projections from the doctor and public stereotypes, the work aims to take itself as a tool to hypnotize the audience, producing self-confusion in response to the unreliable Rorschach test result in distinguishing one’s sexual orientation. By producing Rorschach test in a video form, adding quick audio implications, and inserting the masked audience’s reflection, the work creates instantaneous pulses to which the audience cannot respond, putting them in a passive position where defenses can not be build in time in their minds. While the original Rorschach test is to perceive, the work turned abstractness and alienation into projection, influencing and brainwashing.

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