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Presence is an experimental film which tries to capture the essence of the concept of hometown with the juxtaposition of various medium, stories and narrative styles. It is an attempt of reconstructing a vast and complex idea with intimate and simple pieces. Fractured images, sounds, and senses build up the intimate feelings I have with Tainan, like stars scattered in night sky compose into constellations. One links to another, and each one connects, sharing a common theme. Puzzled together, the pieces create a mosaic of life, an impressionist illustration of home, a sincere hymn of Tainan.

   Being an international student in the university means having to stay far away from my hometown constantly. Homesick occurs, and every returning seems to be something that I look forward to. However, the place I went back became more and more unfamiliar. It has been desynchronized with the image in my memories. Relationships have changed, people separated, sceneries altered, and I was absent for too long. Where I once felt warm and safe alienates me, leaving me behind. Now, I can only search for what I was familiar with in my own mind, creating it myself. 

15 min version:

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