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     Vacancy is a photo series that shows Hong Kong most crowed places. However, not a single person can be found in the photographs. When I came to Hong Kong to study, it impressed me about how crowed it can be, especially in downtown Kowloon and downtown Hong Kong Island. Along with the surrounding tall buildings, the crowded feeling created enormous pressure for the experience of seeing. Not only did the heads block the visibility, but also build the sense of disorientation. Until now, I still had a hard time adjusting my mind in the crowd. Seeking for escape such pressure, I started to wonder how the streets and squares will be like if they are fully empty. Because of the massive amount of people walking around, our images of those streets and squares are scattered into pieces. Maybe we all hold only the concept of downtown areas but not complete images. Although being digital images, I think it is a precious opportunity to show these photographs that are impossible to experience in reality. They are somehow strange yet familiar, being surreal once realizing its location. In the end, I hope that the work can refresh the viewer’s image of the locations, participating in a brand-new human-free experience.

     There are four photographs in the series. Mostly shot in 35mm lens, I aimed to create a viewing angle that similar to real life experience. I chose places that is really crowded, taking more that 50 pictures on site. At least 30 minutes were spent on each location, I waited for chances to capture different empty parts separately. After that, I edit all the raw images of the same location into one, creating a human free photograph. I also tried to keep the cars and lights. I do not want the viewer to think that the pictures were just taken in early mornings before everyone wakes up. I want them to think that the picture was taken in rush hours, and only the people were removed.

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