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     Candlelit is a photograph series that demonstrates different aspects of a lit candle. In Candlelit, qualities of the elements in a single candle are shown in a variety of expression; several similarities that morphs from one another are placed into a sequence. From the characteristics of warmness to of loneliness and vulnerability, the composite of air and smoke to of fire and explosion, the candle moves fluently between the meanings, figures and colors to which it is related. Through all these signs of colors, lights and shapes, the audience are left to decide what they see, and the most important of all, what they read.

     To create the photograph series, objects were shot in a dark room, where no additional light is allowed. Several textures were applied during shooting, such as pieces of glass, prism or woods, in order to reflect or diffuse the light in different ways from a single light source. By using slow shutter speed, vivid images were created, capturing the beauty of the light itself. It is a projection with duration; instead of minimizing the moment, time span was recorded into the image, bringing liveliness and motion to the work.

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