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Perpetual Faces

     Perpetual Faces is a photo series about the victims of February 28 Incident and the white terror in Taiwan. By Changing all their faces to Chiang Kai Shek’s, I grievingly criticize how present Taiwan people perceive and discuss these dark histories. Nowadays, all the discussions about transitional justice have revolved around Chiang Kai Shek. Instead of paying more attention to the victims that had been wrongly murdered, sentenced several years in prison without reason or kidnapped by the government, the society kept on debating about whether to remove Chiang’s memorial hall. Although it is important to judge the oppressors, it is more urgent to remedy the unfortunates done to the victims. The photo series introduces 8 victims from February 28 Incident and the white terror. From one face to another, the audience will start to realize the similarity between them and soon discover that all faces have been replaced. All Chiang’s faces stare back to the audience and question if the only image they can remember from the period of time is Chiang Kai Shek. Finally, I hope this work encourages people to think and to sympathize all the victims who have suffered.

     All the faces in the photographs are replaced with Chiang’s face. I used 7 Chiang’s portraits as the source and replace the face features individually. Most of the time, I chose to leave one of the features unreplaced, mainly noses or eyebrows. It helped keeping some of the characteristics of the original person, thus being harder for the viewer to realize my replacement.

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